State of Louisiana Lake Martin Louisiana Private State Primitive RV Park and Campground Future location being developed by Private Land Owner with abandon State of Louisiana servitude property adjacent to the land along Lake Martin and up to the Servitude line. Adjacent property along the servitude will be incorporated by the new RV Park and Campground located at Lake Martin Louisiana. Private memberships will be available and day parking by parking App will be available to the public for rentals off Lake Side Day Camping or over night camping. Fishing Peer will be available to people renting Camp sites with Parking. Bathroom facilities will be available to members and campers at the Club House. We also have a cabin for weekend rentals. We will have a few RV Electric plug ins and water hook ups a a few locations on the property. Dumping station available to certain packages purchased. Kayak are welcome. Kayak launch available in front of Club House.

Commercial operated RV Camp Ground on un regulated abandoned lake servitude courtesy of Purposely lost  law suit case with Parish.
State of Louisiana abandon servitude site open to commercial development because of Louisiana Supreme Court refused to hear a case because parish president let Parish Lawyer purposely blew the case and not properly defend Lake Martin when the state law says they must protect all natural resources no madder what.
State of Louisiana Lake Martin Private Campground and RV Park office future opening
Lake Martin Recreational Resort Office
The most Beautiful View in the State of Louisiana Lake Martin Private RV Campground and Park
The State of Louisiana Lake Martin abandoned servitude Land being developed into a Private Commercial Operations blessed by the latest State of Louisiana Supreme Court ruling favor of Private Land owners to develop commercial operations for people who own land inside the servitude that created the Lake “The State of Louisiana” Lake Martin !!!!
Small RV Campers spots available across from Lake Martin. Primitive Camping sites
Lake Side Hourly parking recreational area for family gatherings and daily outing with the family
Cajun Paradise in Lake Martin Louisiana. Private State of Louisiana State Park RV Campground Office

State of Louisiana Lake Martin Private Campsites and facilities

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