Lake Martin Louisiana

Lake Martin Louisiana is just south of Breaux Bridge Louisiana. Lake Martin is a place where the state owns the middle of the lake called Lake Lepointe. From the center edges around where the trees start and go the the Abandon Servitude edge is privately owned. This property will be fenced off and will not be accessible to the public because the State of Louisiana have abandoned the right for public access when the Louisiana Supreme Court dismissed to hear the case when the Parish President and Parish Lawyer purposely lost the case to save a high school classmates son from being removed off the public property that was part of the Servitude that defined the boundaries of Lake Martin. You can see all the education and religion in St Martin Parish wasn’t enough to save Lake Martin From Commercial operations to take control of Lake Martin for Profit off the Tax Payers who pay for the up keep of Lake Martin Vegetation and stocking of fish fingerlings for the public at Large.

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