Lake Martin Louisiana now Posted Keep Out

Lake Martin Louisiana now Posted Keep Out to Public.

Lake Martin Louisiana. Swamp Tours. Kayak and Canoe rentals
Lake Martin Louisiana Public Keep Out.

The commercial operator who was issued the Alcohol permits to sell and consume on a State Lake, State Servitude, Parish Levy Road, State Dam has now excluded the Public to all the land inside the Lake Martin.

The clock is ticking and more and more of the Private Lake will be slowly closed down as land owners protect there property and interest in Lake Martin.

If the Public wants to help keep the lake open to them , Then Donate to our

Many people have told me this is just Louisiana Politics.

Well this isn’t the Louisiana like that anymore.

People need to ban together and call there Legislators and Governor and let them know you want to save access to Lake Martin and protection against the tourist companies chasing all the nesting birds out of the lake because of all the boat trafficking in the lake.

We need the state to step in and build bathrooms and facilities with a understanding that tour boat operators will have to follow rules and regulations with insurance to protect the state and land owners liability and interest in the lake.