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Finding serenity with a paddle in Acadiana 

Even though he grew up in Torrance, California, for Cory Werk, his roots were always in Cajun Country. His mother and her family hailed from south Louisiana, and Werk spent many summers visiting Baton Rouge and Breaux Bridge.

When Werk’s mother purchased land along Bayou Teche, he wanted to jump right in—pun intended.  After he and his father participated in the annual Tour de Teche bayou race—a 135-mile, three-day race held in the fall—they contemplated opening their own kayak outfitter. They’d participated in their own boats because there wasn’t an outfitter on the Teche at the time.

“So the following summer we moved out here and started the business,” Werk said.

Doors to the Bayou Teche Experience opened a year ago and “business has been phenomenal,” Werk said.

Bayou Teche Bed and Breakfast in Breaux Bridge Louisiana.


Bayou Teche Experience is located in the heart of downtown Breaux Bridge on East Bridge Street, right on the bayou and across from the city’s tourism office. Werk also purchased two buildings to renovate along Bridge Street, the old Teche Liquors, which locals referred to as “Lloyds” in its day, and the accompanying ice house, the latter of which Werk plans to have completed by mid-March as a new office and warehouse for the boats.

Werk shuttles people up and down the bayou, depending on the customers’ tastes and experience, and offers Tribe tandem kayak rentals that are safe, stable and self-bailing. “There’s no way you’re going to sink these boats,” he said.

Most people ask for the Cecilia to Breaux Bridge trip, which is about 2 1/2 hours. Werk shuttles people and their kayaks to the Cecilia put-in spot above Interstate 10 and then they paddle back to their cars in Breaux Bridge. Smaller trips can be arranged for about 1 1/2 hours, with longer trips, such as the downstream Breaux Bridge to St. Martinville, about 4 1/2 hours, Werk said.

The upper Teche consists of a narrower stream with lots of overhanging trees and shade, perfect for summertime paddles. “There’s no motors, no noise, just you and nature,” Werk explained. “It’s a very serene way of exploring Acadiana.” The lower Teche is wider, has more boat traffic but is sunnier, Werk said.

In addition, Werk offers kayak service to nearby Lake Martin, which offers a placid lake and surrounding wetlands and one of the largest bird rookeries in America. “It’s a quiet place to paddle,” he said.

Werk will cater to all needs and custom the paddle experience. The business is open daily, dawn to dusk.

The beauty of a paddle along Bayou Teche—in addition to its tranquil waters, of course—is the numerous bed and breakfasts, restaurants and music venues such as La Poussière and Pont Breaux’s along the route. Paddlers can enjoy the entire length of the bayou and stay at bed and breakfasts at regular intervals, plus enjoy authentic Cajun food and music.

From Port Barre to New Iberia, everywhere on the route people can pull up on a boat and sleep there and receive all the creative comforts,” Werk said, adding there are exit points all along the bayou.

Lake Martin Louisiana used to be Lake Lepoint. In 1950 Louisiana State Legislation created Lake Martin with Legislate power to form a Maranda line which represents the Servitude which gives the public and State Access into Lake Lepoint. With out this the Servitude is abolished and the local property owner can shut there portion of the lake down and developed commercial structures inside the lake. Land owners will be able to harvest new growth of Cypress Tress and make money clearing room for cabins and water based casino.

We the people need to look at everyone who is responsible for the Servitude being lost to a commercial business in our Bird and fishing sanctuary that was legislatively mandated by our legislators in 1950.

Remember St. Martin Parish Sheriff Race 2019 Parish and your 2020 judge race. These people was or is responsible to protect our Lake by mandated Legislative by our Louisiana constitution. Your voice Matters. Speak up Election Day and choice the right candidate who will protect our rights as Louisiana Citizens.

Servitude, in Anglo-American property law a device that ties rights and obligations to ownership or possession of land so that they run with the land to successive owners and occupiers.

In contemporary property law, servitudes allow people to create stable long-term arrangements for a wide variety of purposes, including shared land uses; maintaining the character of a residential neighbourhood, commercial development, or historic property; and financing infrastructure and common facilities. The owner of property burdened by a servitude cannot unilaterally terminate the servitude or transfer the property free from the servitude without the consent of all the beneficiaries. Thus, whether or not they expressly agree to its terms, subsequent owners and occupiers are bound to follow the servitude. Land-use arrangements implemented by servitudes range from simple driveway easements and covenants prohibition nonresidential use of subdivision lots to complex declarations that provide for the physical and governmental infrastructure for , condominiums planned developments, or private towns.

Lafayette and Breaux Bridge Massage Therapy

3205 Johnston St. Lafayette Louisiana 70503

Werk emphasized that anyone can kayak and his brand of kayaks are more stable than canoes. He adds that paddling is one of the best exercises because it’s low impact and uses the body core.

“Anyone can do it,” he said. “Whether you’re seven years old or seventyg, you can kayak.”

Bayou Teche Experience

317 E. Bridge Street

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Louisiana Swamp Tours Near Me In Lafayette and Breaux Bridge, La

Lake Martin Swamp Tours

About Us

      Cajun Country Swamp Tours, owner, Walter “Butch” Guchereau, grew up on a small Cajun farm located on the banks of the Bayou Teche in Breaux Bridge, La. where he still resides today.  From early on his father introduced him to the swamps of Cajun Country which he fell in love with.  By hunting, sport and commercial fishing and just plain exploring he came to know the swamps like his own backyard.  Butch put himself through college by working summers on dredge boats located in Louisiana on the Mississippi and Atchafalaya River systems where he experienced the dynamic forces that have built the land of Acadiana over the last 25,000 years.  He learned how the rivers, bayous, wetland areas, man’s interventions and coastal erosion are all intertwined and constantly changing.
The countless enjoyable hours he has spent in the swamplands of Cajun Country coupled with college degrees in Zoology and Botany has given Butch a rich insight into the ecology of  Louisiana swamps.  Interlaced with natural history he relates how the ever resourceful Acadians developed the Cajun Culture around the swamp ecosystem of Cajun Country.

Swamp Tours Near Lafayette and Breaux Bridge la

        Your swamp tour is taken personally by Cajun Country Swamp Tours because we know that for many of you this maybe your only trip to Cajun Country and it is important to us that everyone’s swamp tour in Cajun Country is both pleasurable and memorable.  Swamp ecotours are taken by appointment and we try to schedule the swamp tours in such a manner as not to rush your experience.  My swamp tour boats can accommodate groups of 2 to 48 people.  Arrangements for larger groups can be made.
The swamp tour boat, which is an open Cajun crawfish skiff, is powered by an extremely quiet, environmentally friendly, 4-stroke outboard motor. The water intake of this outboard motor has been fixed so that shallow water muck and thick vegetation are not a problem. This very quiet motor, the small groups of guest and the relatively small size of the swamp tour boat allows for some great wildlife viewing.
My son, Shawn, and I have spent most of our lives either learning about or earning an income from the swamps of Cajun Country – this is where we want to be.  The swamps are our passion and Joie de Vivre (Joy of Life), and sharing a few hours with people who love and enjoy nature and the great outdoors is an enjoyable experience for us. Our personal experiences and observations along with my educational background enables us to give you an insightful eco-journey into the swamplands of Acadiana that is educational, enjoyable and entertaining; and just maybe with a serving of Cajun Hospitality this will not be your only trip to Cajun Country.

In 1950 the State of Louisiana and land owners around Lake Martin Swamp entered into a lease agreement that allowed the state to build and keep up a levee encircling Lake Martin to maintain a deeper constant water depth for the purpose of creating a public hunting and fishing preserve. This levee stopped the seasonal water fluctuations that are characteristic of backwater swamps turning a large portion of this swampy wetland area into an impoundment. As an added bonus the impoundment created an environment very attractive to alligators and wading birds. The wading birds now utilize the area for feeding, roosting and rookery purposes. This area supports one of Louisiana’s largest populations of alligators of over 10 feet long.

Once the Mississippi River changed course, around three thousand years ago, sediments that were gradually filling in the Cypress Island/Lake Martin Swamp largely disappeared, leaving this swamp in a state of “suspended animation” awaiting the return of the Mississippi River and its dynamic land building forces.
Little had changed until the early 1900’s when a canal was dug through the swamp to connect the Bayou Teche to the Vermillion River just north of Lake Martin. The main reason for this canal was to help stop saltwater intrusion on the lower Vermillion River, which is actually an estuary, allowing more land to be utilized for agriculture.

This ridge of land is where many Acadians came to start their new lives after cruelly being exiled from their new homeland, Acadia, by the British in 1755.

The swamp tour site is Cypress Island/Lake Martin Swamp, a backwater swampy area cut off from the main Atchafalaya River Basin Swamp by a long, wide, low ridge of land called the Teche Ridge. Named for the bayou that occupies the old Mississippi River bed today. The Teche Ridge was formed over three thousand years ago by the Mississippi River’s seasonal flooding and deposition of sediments from an area comprising thirty-two of today’s United States.

Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic

Louisiana Massage Therapy Board |Licensed Establishment E4149

Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic

Open 7 days a week 9:00 am to 9:00pm


Walk-in Welcome – Best to call before you leave to come to make sure we can have someone is available

We are located near the Grand Theater on Johnston Street. Look for the red banner flag with Foot Massage in it.

Our mission at Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic is to provide a calm and welcoming atmosphere so that you can benefit from our professional, therapeutic treatments. All Of our therapists are registered, each with a unique skill set, and individual massage style. We use a variety of techniques to treat a wide array of conditions and injuries, while also minimizing stress to restore optimum health.

 Incorporating spa inspired luxuries into our clinic and treatments allow you to leave feeling relaxed and regenerated each and every visit. Comfortable massage tables, aromatherapy oils and Hot Rocks are just a few of the features that set us apart from many other clinics.  We take pride in ensuring our clinic is at the highest standard of sanitation and cleanliness, and welcome you to visit our tranquil, Gulf coast inspired clinic to experience it for yourself.

Mrs. Chunying Li is the Lead Massage Therapist LA8687 and Owner with her Husband . Chunying is a new generation of Chinese women who are trying to make a difference helping the community and changing the way that the community looks at Minority women from the Asian community.

Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic
Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic

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Louisiana Massage Therapy Clinic

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